• Welcome back!  It's going to be May on Friday! 💐 I've scheduled another Zoom meet up for my classes, but each class has a new time, so check it out when it pops up on Google Classroom on Friday morning.  I also sent emails out to families for a heads up as well.  Remember, these meetings are optional.  I know that some of you have a lot going on.

    Anyway, this week we are learning about the PRINCIPAL PARTS of regular and irregular verbs.  I know.  I can feel your excitement.  Ok, there's not much excitement, but it's important.  When I have to correct my own husband because he is using the wrong form of the verb, it's clear that this stuff needs to be learned and practiced.  So, buckle up people and learn how to use your verbs correctly. Oh, and keep writing/editing/revising your blogs if you haven't finished them yet. 

    Finally, let your friends know you care.  Comment on their posts in Kidblog.  Also, if you want to write more or post other things that are interesting and school appropriate, go for it. Again, though, no pressure, this is for those of you who are looking for a constructive activity.😉

    Check out this week's learning templates below.