• This week we are adding grammar to our writing.  I am posting an EdPuzzle video I made about action, linking, and helping verbs.  Answer the questions as you watch the video.  Watch the video before you do any of the other work this week.  We also have two online activities.  Wednesday, we will write dialogue using vivid vocal verbs and Friday we have an optional Quizlet scheduled for 10:00 AM.  Any student who wants to join in can, but it's not required.  Thursday is a writing day.  

    As for Google Classroom, I have learned a lesson.  I will not be adding topics to my assignments anymore.  They will all go in classwork in the order they are due.  I took the "blogging" topic off of last week's writing assignment, so that should be easier to find as well. 

    Many of you have completed your blogs.  If you have, continue to revise and edit your past writing.  Also, go to Kidblog and comment on the posts that are popping up.  Some people have NO comments, and they did a great job.  I am especially loving the videos that are popping up with the Be the Expert blogs, (which are not required, by the way, but some are choosing to do it anyway).

    Miss you all!