Dual Enrollment



    • All students wishing to take a dual enrollment class must speak to their counselor prior to starting the enrollment process.
    • Parents and students can find the school district’s dual enrollment policy (policy 241) on the CHSD website.
    • Students and parents may also want to review the document below:  6 Reasons Your Students Should Take A Dual Enrollment Course & 3 Reasons They Should Think Twice.


    HACC Certificate of Residency:

    For students who will be attending HACC after high school graduation, below are the steps to acquire a Certificate of Residency:

    • The contact person is Ms. Minke Kooistra.
    • The process can be handled via email.  The student (or parent) should email Ms. Kooistra at mkooistra@camphillsd.k12.pa.us requesting a Certificate of Residency and provide HACC ID and date of birth.
      • If preferred, you may also call 717-901-2400 x 5943  to provide the same information.
    • Once the ID and date of birth have been received, the certificate will be submitted electronically. It generally takes HACC 24 hours to process.

    A Certificate of Residency is not required for current high school students in dual enrollment with HACC.