• Hi Students and Familes,

    First,  I want to say that I miss all of you. I have told you in the past that I become your 2nd Mom for 9 months- I'm still your 2nd Mom until at least June!! The past two weeks I have became a student, learning all about on-line learning using Seesaw. I picked to use this platform because you should be familiar with it- you used it while in elementary school. We will also continue to use  A-Z reading and Unique Learning (if you used it this year while in our classroom).

    Now lets go back to our classroom for the next two minutes - Remember Mrs. Berrian loves animals and also loves to dance - ENJOY- get up and dance!!



    Today is our first day of Learning at Home using seesaw. I emailed your parents last week with your Learning Code to be able to get into your account within my class. Seesaw also invited your parents to join which gives them access to your account to see your assignments and your completed work. Each day you will have different assignments to work on.  The first couple of days assignments are assignment that I picked from Seesaw- I'm learning how to make my own assignments. 

    Parents- If I'm assigning too many assignments/not enough or too easy/difficult  just contact me either through my school email mberrian@camphillsd.k12.pa.us or through

    Seesaw or call me and leave a message 717-798-1922. Your suggestions is welcomed!

    Stay Healthy!!


    Mrs. Berrian