• Hi Everyone,

    I hope you had a chance to preview the overview to the 4th marking period video that I sent via email.  If not, I am including that video below along with the letter that outlines my expectations.  Of course, you can also find your 6th-grade team's daily assignments.   I am delineating daily expectations, but don't worry if you don't get them done that very day.  There is flexibility here.  The BIG takeaway is that I am grading 2 writing assignments that are complete as HE (Highly Engaged).  Starting next week, I will also be posting weekly grammar lessons with interactive questions.  If you do the 2 writing assignments and the grammar lessons, I will consider you highly engaged. Again, just email me if you are struggling or have questions.  I am really trying to make this easy to complete and meaningful.

    For those of you who need a little extra, I will continue to post enrichment activities on Google Classroom Stream.  Also, feel free to work on the textbook interactive worksheets to review and practice.  I am posting that file as well.

    So, below find the 6th-grade team's work for the week, the video, the letter, and the document with the links for enrichment/optional review/challenge.