Spirit Week: Upload a picture to Kidblog, Google Classroom, or other Social Media Sites
  • LA This Week:

    Welcome back, families!  We have another #CHVirtualSpiritWeek next week if you would like to participate.

    These are the activities I would like you to complete this week.

    1. Finish your "Be the Expert" blog in Google Docs.  Make sure you use your research from NoodleTools and include Text Talkers as well as your own personal experiences, connections, and insights.  I have attached the "Text Talkers Template and Personal Connection Template."  Read your writing out loud to check for mistakes.  I also like Grammarly to help with that as well.

    2. Post your "Be the Expert" Doc in Kidblog.  Make sure that you are logged into your school Google account before you try to get into Kidblog. The links to your Kidblog accounts are below in the link section. 

    3. Turn in your "Be the Expert" blog FROM the Google Classroom icon in KIDBLOG, which is next to the PUBLISH button.  DO NOT turn in your Google Doc.  I have a tutorial below to help with this.

    4.  COMMENT - Comment on each other's posts


    1. Include a video or slideshow that you have uploaded From Google Drive or YouTubube.  (Tutorial Below)

    2. Go back to the Google Docs for the Career Essay and the ME Essay and make the suggested corrections that I left for you.  Please take your time on this, review the notes I left for you, and make sure you agree with my edits, revisions, and suggestions before you accept them.

    3. Work on any of the exercises from the attached file "Links to Practice Grammar Skills."

    4. Join "Freestyle" group on Kidblog and post whatever you would like to post that's interesting, creative, fun, and school appropriate.   Join Code: jqizrgj. Link included in the link section.