• Hi Students and Families,

    On Monday, March 16, 2020 I hand delievered to your home, a packet of math and/or reading activites for your to work on while at home for the next two weeks. The packets are review material that we have covered in class.  I know the math packet was rather large- please try to complete two pages a day- this will help keep  your math skills fresh.  Please remember to date each page. 

    Below I added some cool web sites for fun activites- 

    www.scholastic.com/learnathome - 20 days of activit

    Another cool web site is for Virtual Field Trips:

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hUWrzU59fLK_G1W8DGsO7FQ7yZYpIo0cvUbqEOb489Q/edit  (might have to copy and paste)

    When you watch the videos - write down which ones you watched so you  can share them with us when we return to school. We can spend the first day back watching these cool videos so remember to write down which ones you enjoyed. I love the San Diego Zoo and the Animal Cameras. 

    If you have an questions please contact me



    Mrs. Berrian

     Tuesday- April 24th

    Hi Students and Families

    Your child has an account Reading A-Z. Have your child log on to this website and read two stories and answer questions everyday. During this school year we have worked on Visualizing and Verbalizing when we read stories- your child knows this as our "12 Magic Words".   Ask them what  the 12 magic words are: what, where, when, color, shape, size, mood, sound, movement, background, number, color, perspective. Have them write the magic words  and give an example from each story.  We have done this many times this year.  This helps your chiild put a picture of the details, from the story, helps with comprehension.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Mrs. Berrian