• Hello Everyone!


    I hope you are all staying healthy and well!

     Do you remember the two themes of 7th grade? :) Well, here is your chance to put it into practice. The two themes of 7th grade are 1) Everyday is a choice - you determine how you approach each day 2) Solve your problems. :) And what an opportunity you have to apply both of these over the next 2 weeks! So let me encourage you to be the kind, creative, amazing students I know you are, and seek to apply these 2 themes in a way that will help both you and others around you!

     Below you will find some helpful tools to refresh your memomy of the content we have covered together thus far in the 3rd marking period. The below material is optional, but I'm hoping you will take the opportunity to refresh and fine tune your skills as a 7th grade English student! : ) Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions about class. I will be posting grades for assessments you have completed as I grade them.

    There are some outstanding assessments I would like students to submit if given the time and resources. Remember, it is to your benefit to submit your work. The more total points in the gradebook, the more opportunity you have to increase your grade. 

    I will be emailing parents soon to let them know of any missing assessments.  Any outstanding assessments should be submitted before March 27 so I have time to grade them. Because you will want as many points in the marking period, I have also included outstandiing tests (Ribbons and Gift of the Magi) avaialable for students to access. You can access any missed work (tests, prompts, etc.) by going to Google classroom. If you need help, please don't hesistate to ask! : ) We are a team!


     Google Classroom - you can find documents related to each of the units we have covered thus far. 

    **Now that you are at home, you can stream the radio play version of "Monkey's Paw"! It's a great short story and I posted the study guide and answer key for you to test your knowledge of the text!

     Read Works - Great site for practicing your grammar, punctuation, reading skills an writing skills. 

     Mrs. Bolcavage's Website - Mrs. Bolcavage has included in study island both Reading and English related skill building assessments/lessons to help you recall the things we have covered in class. 

     Overdrive - Use your student credentials to log into our school's online library.

     Scholastic Schooling from Home - Here is an awesome link to some FREE online learning journeys.