• Work for 3/23-3/27

    Hi again, everyone. I hope you all are weathering this situation to the best of your ability.  I miss you, but I have graded your ME essays, comments and Science Fair 2 journals.  Now I am working on your About Me blogs and your Noodle Tools Notes and Sources. If you have any questions, email me. 

    1. For now, keep working on your "Be the Expert" posts.  The ones that are up so far are great examples.  Check your Google Classroom stream for updates and assignments. Post and submit your assignment in Kidblog.

    2. If you can do the digital media part of "Be the Expert," please do.  Although I will not grade it, I would love for you to try.  I am noticing some excellent pictures and a few cool videos in the posts that are popping up.  I have posted a review tutorial for Adobe Spark Video and a review of how to post to Kidblog and turn it in to Google Classroom below. Remember, Adobe Spark is fun, but feel free to link to YouTube or create a Google Slide Show.  New! I just learned that Google Slides added a narration feature.  Oooh, a new toy to play with.  Who of you will be the first to play? : )

    3. Guess what?   A few of you have posted in "Free Style," a creative writing, art, poetry blog site  I have set up in Kidblog. So far we have "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" and "Why I Love to Draw." Freestyle is more fun if more of you get on and play in there.  Feel free to post whatever you are writing, drawing, creating, making, joking or thinking about.  Freestyle Link:  https://kidblog.org/class/free-style Join code: jqizrgj

    5. Continue to comment and talk to each other through Kidblog and Google Classroom.  I want to see comments on the "Be the Expert" posts as they begin to pop up, but also ideas about what we could do and what you guys are doing while we are practicing social isolation.

    6. Finished with your "Be the Expert Blog" or just looking for some review to sharpen your skills?  Go to my Google Doc of grammar links for review and practice.

    Hey, maybe you could post your Camp Hill Spirit this week.Virtual Spirit Week