• Second Grade Flexible Activity Guide

    Hello Families of Second Graders.  We want you to know that we are thinking of each of our sweet students daily and the safety of each of your families.  As this is uncharted territory for all of us and the stress levels are running on high we want to assure you that any ideas and activities we provide are optional and we will be available to you and your child via seesaw and email.  Below is a list of optional links and ideas for your child to use at home.  We will be posting more detailed ideas on seesaw periodically.  Stay safe.

      Sincerely, The Second Grade Teachers

  •  English/Language Arts (ELA)


    * Students may use their writing journal from school, or plain paper.  Students may choose from any of the provided writing prompts below. Pick your favorites and try to write at least three stories.


    When the weather is warm outside I like to...

       My favorite thing to do at home is…

    One day I was taking a walk and suddenly… 

    Sometimes I feel…

    I woke up one morning and suddenly I could…

    The thing I like most about school…


    ****Feel free to come up with your own story ideas

    When you get ready to write a story don’t forget to plan first.  You can make your own web, list, hamburger, or picture to plan before you write.  Challenge yourself to write for a variety of reasons. Write imaginary stories, true stories about your own experiences, or facts about things you learned.  You can also write letters to family and friends! Check your writing for these things.


    *Capitals and Punctuation

    *Finger Spaces

    *No excuse words spelled correctly

    *Beginning, Middle and End

    *at least 2 ideas with details

    *Minimum of 5 sentences




    *Students have access to Raz-Kids and can work on fluency, decoding, and comprehension at home at their own independent reading level.  Students will have the opportunity to listen to, read, and answer comprehension questions through this app.  

    *Grab a good book and find a comfy spot (maybe even outside) to read!

    *Continue reading schedule for The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

    Activities, recorded read alouds, and questions can be accessed through the link below.


    *Use the RAZ kids app on a device. teacher name: bkalfas 



    *Students may review the No Excuse list to complete any activities on the spelling activities grid. Both both are  attached at the bottom of this page. 



    *Math Expressions workbooks were sent home on Friday.  Students may complete any incomplete pages in Unit 1 or Unit 2 with the exception of any money pages.  Students may also play math games on First in Math https://www.firstinmath.com/ or Starfall Math https://www.starfall.com/h/math2/.


    *Students may play card games such as Addition/Subtraction War and Salute to review basic addition and subtraction facts.


    * Students may review measuring in centimeters by measuring items around the house (utensils, rocks, sticks, remote, etc) Paper rulers in both centimeters and inches were sent home with their math book on Friday. 



    *Rocks- Second graders will be learning about rocks. Go on a rock hunt! Using the rocks, you collect and explore the characteristics of rocks. How are they alike? How are they different? Rub your rocks on different surfaces such as the sidewalk, blacktop or bricks. What do you notice? What do you wonder? 


    *Plants- challenge yourself to plant a seed and watch it grow. Watch, write or illustrate the different parts of the plant's life cycle.