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    Hello Families of Second Graders, 

    We want you to know that we are thinking of each of our sweet students and your families during this unprecedented time.  As this is uncharted territory for all of us and the stress levels are running on high, we want to assure you that any ideas and activities we provide are optional.  We will be available to you and your child via Seesaw and email.  At any time, your child may send me a video via Seesaw with questions or joys, and I will respond via video.  Below is a list of optional links and ideas for your child to use at home.  We will be posting more ideas on Seesaw periodically.  Stay safe. 


    The Second Grade Teachers



    * Students may use their writing journal from school, or plain paper. Students may choose from any of the provided writing prompts below. Pick your favorites and try to write at least three stories.

    Writing Ideas

    ****Feel free to come up with your own story ideas

    When you get ready to write a story don’t forget to plan first. You can make your own web, list, hamburger, or picture to plan before you write. Challenge yourself to write for a variety of reasons. Write imaginary stories, true stories about your own experiences, or facts about things you learned. You can also write letters to family and friends! If you want to write Miss Hess (or her pet rabbit Teddy) a letter, I can arrange to send you my address during this time J ! Check your writing for these things.

    *C U P S 

    *Finger Spaces
    *No excuse words spelled correctly

    *Beginning, Middle and End
    *at least 2 ideas with details

    *Minimum of 5 sentences


    *Students have accounts at https://www.raz-kids.com/ and can work on fluency, decoding, and comprehension at home at their own independent reading level. Email me for their log in! 

    *Continue the reading schedule for The Adventures of a South Pole Pig and use the discussion questions for more writing practice or orally answer the questions – this all can be accessed through this link https://www.camphillsd.k12.pa.us/Page/3265



    *Students may review the No Excuse list to complete any activities on the spelling activities grid:

    No Excuse Work Activity Grid

    Snap and Clap

    Say the word. Spell it aloud while snapping vowels and clapping consonants.

    Spelling Sailboats

    h ho hou hous house

    Flashlight Spelling

    Use a flashlight to spell each word on a darkened wall. Remember to say each letter as it is “written.”

    Word Hunt

    Look for words in a book or magazine that have the same pattern, sound or both.

    Clay Spelling

    Use modeling clay or Play-doh and make the letters of each word.

    Spelling Sentences

    Write each word in a sentence.

    Bounce and Spell

    Dribble a ball and say a letter of the word with each bounce.


    Type your words on a computer or typewriter.

    Back Spelling

    Use your finger to draw each letter on a partner’s back. Have the partner try to guess the word.

    Rainbow Words

    Write your words in a crayon or colored pencil. Write over each word two more times using different colors to create a rainbow.

    Phone Spelling

    Use your phone’s keypad to write each word’s “phone number.” School= 724665

    Creative Writing Write each word in a different way. Use bubble letters, block letters, squiggly letters, dot letters and more!

    Wrong Hand Writing

    Write with the opposite hand. If you are right-handed, write each word with your left or vice versa.

    Sidewalk Chalk Write your words on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.

    ABC Order

    Organize your words in ABC order. Say and spell each word aloud.


    *No Excuse review list:

    this                                      from

    by                                        one

    or                                        but

    what                                     had

    not                                       all

    were                                     when

    we                                        there

    can                                      an

    your                                     which

    would                                   why

    where                                   some

    many                                    she

    every                                    because

    very                                     those

    has                                      more

    said                                      if

    do                                        will

    each                                     their

    about                                   how

    out                                       up

    them                                    then

    teacher                                him

    her                                      my

    really                                   what’s

    school                                  did

    first                                     find

    want                                    always

    could                                    little

    should                                  no

    make                                    favorite






    Second graders have been learning about rocks. Go on a rock hunt! Using the rocks, you collect and explore the characteristics of rocks. How are they alike? How are they different? Rub your rocks on different surfaces such as the sidewalk, blacktop or bricks. What do you notice? What do you wonder?


    Challenge yourself to plant a seed and watch it grow. Watch, write or illustrate the different parts of the plant's life cycle.

    *Mystery Science

    Mystery Science has designed short digital mini-lessons for as well as full lessons that include a hands-on activity.


    *Virtual Tours of Museums, National Landmarks and More

    *Scholastic News



    BrainPOP JR




    *Math Expressions workbooks were sent home on Friday. Students may complete any incomplete pages in Unit 1 or Unit 2 with the exception of money pages. Students can also play math games on First in Math https://www.firstinmath.com or Starfall Math https://www.starfall.com/h/math2/

    *Students can play card games such as addition/subtraction war and salute to review addition and subtraction facts


    PBIS/Lion Pride

    Students will be able to earn a lion pride virtual stamp or shout out for every seesaw post or email they send me.  Let’s see how many pages we can fill up!!