• Functions of Standing Committees

    This committee shall be responsible for monitoring athletic programs and fiscal matters.

    Budget & Finance/Personnel
    This committee shall review all fiscal matters of the district, establish and implement the budgetary process, and consider any proposed expenditures not budgeted.
    In addition, this committee shall consider such matters of internal administration as delegated to it, specifically in the area of all employed personnel. The committee shall be concerned with keeping personnel policies up-to-date through sound research into existing policies, procedures and practices and shall advise as to the probable effects of any proposed policies.

    Building & Grounds
    This committee shall be responsible for reviewing all maintenance procedures, building alterations and general care of all buildings, grounds and equipment. The committee shall inspect, at least annually, all school property as to condition; shall monitor the enforcement of sanitation regulations; shall provide for the safety of children, employees and the general public; and shall regulate the use of school buildings and grounds by non-school groups and the purchase of building and custodial supplies, fuel specifications and securing bids.

    Community Engagement/Governmental Relations
    This committee shall work to publicize programs, activities and accomplishments of the school district by assisting in the development, publication and disbursement of district-wide information; initiating any new publications; and working with community representatives to seek input and opinions regarding publications.
    This committee shall also be responsible for reviewing pending legislation, initiating legislation and for maintaining lines of communication with legislative representatives and Borough Council.

    Curriculum & Extracurricular
    This committee shall be concerned with all aspects of the educational process of the district, including extracurricular activities. The committee will be responsible for monitoring, planning, developing and implementing curriculum-related matters.

    This committee shall be responsible for reviewing, revising, and developing Board policies.