Applied Science Course Page

  • Welcome to Applied Science! This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics in science and how they relate to real-world situations.. These topics are presented with a conceptual approach in mind. Content will be explored through a variety of approaches, including hands-on investigations. Topics of study include motion, energy, waves, heat, radiation, everyday chemistry, forensic science, electricity, and computer science. 


    Textbook: Conceptual Integrated Science by Hewitt, Lyons, Suchocki, and Yeh


    Course of Study - Applied Science



    1 - Motion

    Velocity, Acceleration, Falling Motion, Circular Motion

    2 - Forces and Motion

    Inertia, Net force, Newton’s laws of motion

    3 - Momentum

    Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of Momentum

    4 - Energy

    Energy Sources, Power, Types of energy, Conservation of energy

    5 - Heat and Heat Transfer 

    Heat, Temperature, Thermal expansion, Heat capacity, Heat transfer, Laws of thermodynamics, Heat engines

    6 - Electricity and Magnetism 

    Static electricity, Electric forces, Current, Voltage, Resistance, Ohm’s law, Circuits, Magnetic force, Electromagnetism

    7 - Waves: Sound and Light 

    Wave motion, Sound, Resonance, Light properties, Reflection, Refraction, Interference, Doppler effect

    8 - Atoms and the Periodic Table 

    History of the atom, Parts of the atom, Isotopes, Atomic number, Mass number, Creating the periodic table, Periods, Groups, Classifying elements, Periodic law, Groups of elements

    9 - Properties of Matter

    Elements, Mixtures, Physical properties, Physical changes, Chemical properties, Chemical changes

    10 - Consumer Chemistry

    Chemical Reactions, Proteins, Acids, Bases, Bonds

    11 - Forensics 

    Use of Properties, Fingerprinting, Chromatography

    12 - Nuclear Chemistry

    Radioactivity, Half-life, Nuclear reactions

    *The order of topics may change during the course of the year. Topics may be removed or added to the course content.

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    All course resources and assignments are found on the course Schoology page. If you have questions regarding access, please contact Mr. Peterson.