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  • Welcome to College Prep Physics! This course provides students opportunities to investigate and explore physical phenomena that are a result of interactions between matter and energy. Topics of study include motion, forces, energy, momentum, waves, fluids, heat, electricity, and magnetism. 



    Walker, J. Pearson Physics. 1st ed, Pearson, 2014. 


    Course of Study - CP Physics



    1 - Introduction to Physics

    Defining physics, SI system of measurement, Unit conversions, Equations, Graph analysis

    2 - Introduction to Motion

    Describing motion, Speed and velocity, Position-time graphs, Constant motion equation

    3 -Acceleration and Accelerated Motion

    Acceleration, Velocity-time graphs, Kinematic equations, Position-time graphs of acceleration, Falling motion

    4 -Motion in Two Dimensions

    Vector properties, Vector components, Vector addition and subtraction, Projectile motion

    5 - Newton’s Laws of Motion

    Newton’s laws, Free body diagrams, Equilibrium, Dynamics, Friction

    6 - Work and Energy

    Work, Kinetic energy, Potential energy, Conservation of energy, Power

    7 - Linear Momentum and Collisions

    Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of momentum, Collisions

    9 - Gravity and Circular Motion

    Newton’s law of gravitation, Circular motion, Centripetal acceleration, Planetary motion

    10 - Temperature and Heat

    Temperature scales, Thermal expansion, Heat transfer, Heat capacity, Phase changes

    12 - Gases, Liquids, and Solids

    Pressure, Ideal gas law, Density, Fluid pressure, Archimedes’ principle, Bernoulli’s principle, Hooke’s law

    13 - Oscillations and Waves

    Periodic motion, Simple harmonic motion, Pendulum motion, Waves, Wave properties, Wave interference

    14 - Sound

    Sound waves, Standing waves, Doppler effect, Sound intensity

    16 - Reflection and Mirrors

    Properties of light, Reflection, Plane mirrors, Curved mirrors

    17 - Refraction and Lenses

    Refraction, Internal reflection, Lenses

    *The order of topics may change during the course of the year. Topics may be removed or added to the course content.

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    All course resources and assignments are found on the course Schoology page. If you have questions regarding access, please contact Mr. Peterson.