Honors Physics Course Page

  • Welcome to Honors Physics! This course provides students opportunities to investigate and explore physical phenomena that are a result of interactions between matter and energy. Topics of study include motion, forces, energy, momentum, waves, fluids, heat, electricity, and magnetism. 


    Textbook: Etkina, E., Planinsic, G., and Van Heuvelen, A. College Physics. 2nd ed, Pearson, 2019. 

    Course of Study - Honors Physics



    1 - Introducing Physics

    Physics overview, Unit conversions and analysis, Graphical analysis

    2 - Kinematics: Motion in One Dimension

    Describing motion, Vector and scalar quantities, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Kinematic Equations, Free Fall, Analysis of motion graphs

    3 - Newtonian Mechanics

    Forces, Force diagrams, Newton’s laws of motion, Gravitational force

    4 -Applying Newton’s Laws

    Vector addition of forces, Equilibrium, Dynamics, Friction, 2D Force analysis

    5 - Projectile and Circular Motion

    Projectile motion, Circular motion, Radial acceleration, Universal gravitation, Kepler’s laws

    6 - Impulse and Linear Momentum

    Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of momentum, Impulse-Momentum principle

    7 - Work and Energy

    Work, Kinetic energy, Potential energy, Springs, Internal energy, Work-energy principle, Collisions, Power, Gravitational potential energy

    10 - Vibrational Motion

    Oscillatory motion, Vibrational kinematics, Simple harmonic motion, Pendulum motion, Resonance, Damped oscillations

    11 - Mechanical Waves

    Wave mechanics, Wave energy, Intensity, Interference, Sound, Standing waves, Doppler effect

    13 & 14 - Fluids

    Density, Pressure, Fluid pressure, Buoyant force, Flow rate, Bernoulli’s equation, Drag force

    *The order of topics may change during the course of the year. Topics may be removed or added to the course content.

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    All course resources and assignments are found on the course Schoology page. If you have questions regarding access, please contact Mr. Peterson.