You do not need to provide any school supplies for your child.  We have a binder for each child.  We include a cloth pouch with school supplies in the binder.  We have scissors, crayons, glue, markers, highlighters, paper, pens, colored pencils and more in the classroom.  There is not a lot of room in our desks, and so it is best to keep extra supplies at home because they will not fit in the desks!  
      We have snack every morning around 9:55. I am asking that each child bring their own snack.  


      • Walkers go out the doors by the gym only.  They are dismissed at 2:45.  If your child is meeting you to walk -- the playground is the best place! Or, if you have children meeting with friends and walking home, please make sure the kids know where they are meeting their buddies.
      • Car Riders go out the front doors and wait for their parents to pull up. The adults on duty will load the first three cars in the line -- and then continue on in this way.  Students are dismissed at 2:50.