• Welcome to CAOLA

    Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA) is a collaborative effort between CAIU, member school districts and Intermediate Units to provide online learning options for students. CAOLA’s web-based courses meet the increasing demand for high quality student instruction that incorporate proven online learning practices and next generation software (www.caiu.geniussis.com).

    CAOLA Guidelines

    Course Participation

    • All students will be required to attend a mandatory training at the beginning of school year.
    • Students must have regular and ongoing access to a computer that has an Internet connection.
    • Students are encouraged to work on online assignments during study halls, but are not guaranteed access to computer during the school day.
    • Students will be monitored by the school-based CAOLA Advisor, Principal, and School Counselors.
    • Students must abide by the Camp Hill School District Acceptable Use Policy for Technology.
    • Students must abide by the CAOLA Online Learning guidelines, honor system and copyright/fair use laws in all phases of the virtual course work.

    Course Progress

    • Students must complete the course by the last day of classes for each time period.
      • Courses that are a marking period in length must be completed by the last day of classes for that marking period
      • Semester 1 courses must be completed by the last day of marking period 2 classes. Semester 2 courses must be completed by the last day of marking period 4 classes.
      • Year-long courses must be completed by the last day of classes in marking period 4.
    • When a course is not completely finished by the assigned date, the student will earn a grade of zero for the course. No credit will be given for an unfinished course. 
    • Students who do not finish a course will need permission from the school-based CAOLA Advisor, Principal, and School Counselor to enroll in another course during the same school year.
    • Failing a virtual course will affect honor roll, GPA and in some circumstances, graduation.
    • Students may withdraw from a course without penalty within 10 school days from the date of registration. Students who withdraw after ten (10) days will be issued a grade of “W/F” (withdrawal/fail) for the course, which will appear on the students’ transcript.  All withdrawals must have Principal, school-based CAOLA Adviser and Counselor approval. 
    • Students must progress through the course chronologically by following the course sequencing. Each unit of study must be completed in its entirety before moving onto the next unit. If each unit of study is not completed, the student will receive a final grade of 0% for the course.
    • Students and parents/guardians can monitor progress at caiu.geniussis.com. Student login and password are necessary to access this feature.


    • At the end of each unit in a course, students must take the unit exam before proceeding to the next unit.


    • The course grade will appear on the report card when the course is completed. For marking period courses this is at the end of the marking period, for semester courses the grade will be issued in the 2ndor 4thmarking period, and for year-long courses a final grade will be assigned.


    • Students and parents will be notified bi-weekly of CAOLA progress via email. Student and parent emails must be submitted on the registration form for this regular communication. 
    • CAOLA offers a blog site for parents and students at http://www.caolaconnections.org

    Please contact Mrs. Doi with any questions/concerns regarding CAOLA.

    Email:  jdoi@camphillsd.k12.pa.us

    Phone:  717-901-2450  ext. 3973