Counseling Groups

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    Why is Group Counseling Important?
    Small groups offer students an opportunity to connect with peers experiencing similar academic, family, social, or emotional situations or concerns, while having fun and learning new skills! A small group setting allows students to gain comfort communicating with their peers, and assists students in gaining important academic and social skills through active participation.
    How Can My Student Participate in a Counseling Group?
    Because groups are established based on identified needs, it is important that parents/guardians and teachers relay concerns about students to the school counselor. Parents/guardians may call the school counselor to discuss concerns and the possibility of their student becoming part of a counseling group. Additionally, a teacher may make a referral to the school counselor if he or she has concerns about a student, or a student may be identified through the MTSS process.
    What Groups Will Be Offered at Hoover Elementary?
    Boomerang Group
    Just like a boomerang returns to you when you throw it, the way you treat others will impact how you are treated. Boomerang Group is a group aimed at developing skills for positive friendship interactions. In this group, we will focus on good friend qualities, conflict resolution, cooperating in a group, and solving friendship problems. Students will also learn about and practice using a friendly tone of voice, joining a conversation or game, and a variety of strategies to help them calm down during a friendship disagreement.
    Changing Families Group
    This is a group offered to students whose families are experiencing a major change, such as separation, divorce, blending, foster care, or adoption. During group sessions, students will have an opportunity to talk, write, or draw about their feelings related to family changes. This group is a great way to help normalize feelings during a difficult and confusing time! Students will have fun playing games, reading stories, and doing activities related to the worries and challenges of a changing family.
    Helping Hands Group
    The goal of the Helping Hands Group is to give students an opportunity to participate in structured activities which allow them to help others in a positive way. Examples of some activities the students will be invited to assist with include hanging or removing items in the hallway for teachers, helping in a Kindergarten or 1st grade classroom, or being a helper in the main office area. The Helping Hands Group will encourage students to show their Lion PRIDE and give them a chance to be a leader and role model in our school. This type of positive attention is a fantastic reward for expected behavior and a self-esteem booster for kids!
    Little Lions Group
    The goal of this group is to help Kindergarten students grow their Lion PRIDE!
    We will read books, do activities and play games to learn more about and reinforce the Camp Hill Lion PRIDE attributes:
    Positive Attitude
    Newcomers Group
    This is a group offered for all new 1st and 2nd grade students at Hoover Elementary School. 
    During group, students will have an opportunity to develop new friendships and become more
    comfortable in their new school environment. We will play games, participate in activities, and talk for about 30 minutes each week. 
    Peacemakers Group
    This is a group focusing on anger control and problem solving skills. Many children have difficulty understanding and expressing their anger in a safe way. The Peacemakers group offers a chance for students to participate in activities and games that help them recognize their anger triggers, identify warning signs that they’re becoming angry, and learn helpful ways to calm themselves down.
    Shining Stars Group
    This is a group focusing on increasing students' self-confidence as learners and friends. Students will have an opportunity to identify their strengths and gain confidence expressing themselves in a positive way. We will play games and do activities which help students feel proud of who they are and what they can offer to others, as well as working on communication skills.
    Tryin' Lions Group
    This is a group focusing on growing students' GRIT! We will watch videos, do activities and play games aimed at appreciating and learning from mistakes, setting goals, and facing challenges head-on. This group will help students realize they are not alone in their frustration related to challenges, while learning skills to train their brains to think positively.
    Worry Warriors
    This is a group which teaches students about recognizing, understanding, and coping with anxious feelings. We will use activities, books, videos, and games to work on identifying signs of anxiety, discuss triggers, and learn coping skills specific to anxiety concerns. This group is a great outlet for students to share thoughts and experiences with peers while gaining skills to help manage their anxious feelings.
    The Zones of Regulation
    This is a group focusing on emotional- and self-regulation. This curriculum provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of their emotions and levels of energy. We will work on reading and responding to emotions in ourselves and others, learn about the impact our behavior has on our relationships, and increase problem solving ability and coping skills.