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  • Hoover Second Grade News


    Special's Schedule:  

    Day 1- Guidance

    Day 2- Art

    Day 3-  PE. Don't forget your sneakers

    Day 4-  Library. Don't forget your library book     

     Day 5 - Music


    A Note from the Nurse:

    As a reminder to you, this is what the procedure is supposed to be for cough drops.-
    If you would like your child to have plain, non-medicated cough or throat drops during school hours you must send a one day supply –up to three lozenges only - in an envelope with the child’s name on the outside along with a note (just write right on the envelope) giving permission for the teacher to administer them.  This procedure will need to be carried out each day lozenges are needed. The child will be required to sit quietly until the lozenge is finished to help avoid choking. All lozenges must be disc type as the lollypop type will not be accepted. Orders from your child’s PCP will be required if there is any need to deviate from this procedure. This procedure applies only to plain cough and throat discs. All other medications, even if over the counter, must be administered by the building nurse according to the guidelines outlined in the School Board Policy # 210.