All About Me

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          I began my Education career at Millersville University where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Certification in 1990.

          After graduating, I was a preschool teacher for 2 years and then a substitute teacher in K-12th grades. 

          I fell in love with teaching reading during a long-term substitute position and decided to attain a Reading Specialist Certification and Masters in Reading and Language Arts. During this time, I began a teaching position at Palmyra School District as a Reading Specialist. While there, I received a Reading Recovery teacher certification. I taught the neediest 15% of 1st Grade children who were struggling in learning to read. After a few years, I transferred into a 1st Grade Classroom to teach. 

              I came to Camp Hill School District in 2005. I have been enjoying teaching 1st grade in Camp Hill and am excited for this school year!

       My husband's name is Tony. He loves to play guitar. I have a 14 year old son, Dominic. He is going into 8th grade. I have a leopard gecko and 2 cats. My cats' names are Swiftpaw and Patches. They love to be pet! 



             Mrs. Catalano

      My family.  My family at Hershey Park!