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Children's Health Insurance Program

  • It’s Time to Head Back to Class – Are Your Kids Covered?

    CHIP Offers Quality Health Care for Uninsured Kids and Teens

    Backpack -- check. Pencils -- check. Lunchbox -- check. Health insurance for your kids and teens -- check? This back-to-school season, make sure your kids have all the things they need -- including quality health insurance. Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program now covers all uninsured kids and teens (up to age 19). And no family makes too much money for CHIP. Coverage includes doctor visits, dental care, eye care, prescriptions, immunizations, mental health and much more.

    There are more than 133,000 uninsured children in Pennsylvania who now have access to this comprehensive health insurance coverage. All families need to do is apply!

    For many families, CHIP is free, with no copays or monthly premiums. Families with higher incomes may qualify for low-cost or at-cost CHIP, which still includes the same comprehensive benefits. Families whose incomes fall below CHIP guidelines may be enrolled in Medical Assistance.

    Families who need health insurance are encouraged to apply right away. CHIP enrollment information is available by visiting chipcoverspakids.com or calling 800-986-KIDS to apply or for more information.

    Best wishes for a successful school year!

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