Biology 1

  • Welcome to Biology 1!  The goal of this course is to give students a more supported learning environment in which to cover the material presented in a Biology 1 class.  We will move at a slightly slower pace and use a variety of learning techniques to present the material, but all material necessary to cover the standards will be covered.flamingo gator

    Topics we will learn include:
    • Scientific Method
    • Characteristics of Life
    • Cells
    • Biochemistry (water properties, macromolecules, enzymes)
    • Cell Transport
    • Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration
    • Mitosis/Meiosis
    • DNA and Protein Synthesis
    • Human Genetics
    • DNA Technology
    • Evolution
    • Ecology
    This will give your student a good foundation for state assessments and also for any post secondary plans they may have.  The main goal is to help students understand the material better which will make them feel more confident and ready to move on through the sciences.
    I am available for help at 7:30 every morning, at lunch, and after school until at least 3:10.  If your student is struggling on a topic, they should definitely come see me since it is better to address these things sooner rather than waiting.  I am looking forward to working with your student this year and I hope they enjoy their time in Biology.

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