CP Biology 1

  • Keep your eye on the prize! Welcome to CP  Biology!

    This course will cover all of the major topics in Biology.  These include: cells, energetics, genetics, evolution, ecology, and taxonomy.  This course will give your student the background he/she needs to continue in their education.

    For each chapter, students will receive a packet that contains their:

    • Labs
    • Projects
    • Worksheets

    They will also receive a homework packet with their

    • Study Guide
    • Extra Assignments due the day of the test

    The study guide is a guided packet that they fill out by going through the chapter.  It is turned in on the day of the test.  They would be best served by keeping up with the material as I go over it rather than waiting until the night or two before the exam to complete it.

    Students then have a list of assignments due the day of the test.  This is generally 2-3 review worksheets that reinforce the material with an emphasis on the vocabulary.  Since vocabulary is usually one of the biggest challenges for students in Biology, I feel it is important to use it several times.  For this reason, you will often see the creation of a study guide required for the test day.  They may use any spare time in class to work on these assignments.

    On the day of the test, students will turn their packets in for a grade.  They should have all of their assignments completed including in-class labs and worksheets they may not have finished during class.  The test itself generally consists of an objective section with multiple choice, completion, true/false, and matching and then a short answer section.

    In addition we will also be preparing for the Biology Keystone Exam.  This statewide test is given in May and is a comprehensive Biology exam.  We will be keeping a notebook throughout the year that will act as a study guide for this test.

    I hope your student truly enjoys the class.  While the material can be challenging, I make an effort to incorporate many hands-on labs and projects to supplement the curriculum.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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