Biology 2

  • Always a balance! Welcome to Biology 2 (AP Biology)!

    This year your student will partake in a rigorous, college-based Biology curriculum.  The course is designed around the Topic Outline prepared by the CollegeBoard.  There are four big ideas which are then broken into the essential content and learning objectives.  For more information, you can go to the AP Central Webpage at the CollegeBoard.  The goal is to prepare students to take the AP Biology exam if they so choose.  It will also prepare them well for either a Biology major or a general education Biology course in college.  The following topics are covered throughout the course:

    • Biochemistry
    • Cell Structure and Function
    • Energetics
    • Genetics
    • Evolution
    • Taxnomoy
    • Animal Structure and Function
    • Plant Structure and Function
    • Ecology

    For each unit, students will be given a set of objective questions or guided assignments they must use their text to answer.    A PDF of an earlier edition of the book is provided on Schoology.  Students have access to this throughout the year as well as a book signed out to them the previous June.

    There are 13 potential AP Labs for this course and we are required to complete at least 8 of them throughout the course.  It is very important we perform these labs or something similar since often one of the essay questions on the exam comes from the labs each year and there is no way to know which one.  A lab report, peer presentation, or another method of assessment will be required for each lab.  This will change format according the lab itself and the data obtained.

    In addition, we will perform several other non-AP labs to reinforce concepts.  No lab report will be required for these, but there will be follow-up questions or data to explain.  These are used to supplement the material and occur on a fairly regular basis.

    The tests will vary in format from short answer to multiple choice or a combination of the two.  Since the AP exam is multiple choice, essay, and short answer, that is the reason I choose these formats for our tests.  I will also use old AP essays as quiz/take home questions to prepare them for that part of the AP exam.

    Since this course is geared towards the exam, we are continually preparing for it.  As long as one student in the course plans to take the AP exam, the course will remain heading towards that goal.  I hope your student enjoys the course and please feel free to contact me with any questions.



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