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    Welcome to Third Grade!

    The 2019-20 school year is on the move. The classroom is bustling with students engaging in learning activities, exploration, and having fun!


    General Information

    Cycle Schedule

     We do not  follow a Monday through Friday schedule. In place of it will be the days one through five.  As a result, no cycle days are skipped or missed, unlike previously used weekly schedule. 

    Not sure what cycle day it is? check on the Camp Hill home page under "Calendar Of Events".


    Each day, 3rd graders bring home an average of two to three homework assignments. All assignments are logged in a student homework book each day. Each new cycle begins with a Scholastic story, spelling list and vocabulary assignment. At the conclusion of the cycle, students are evaluated on their knowledge of the story with a comprehension quiz. Spelling words are tested as well. 


       The Friday Folder

    The Friday Folder makes its way home as well. Full of graded projects, assignments and school information this folder helps keep you informed on what student is doing.


    Projects and Tests 

    Every Unit test will be graded and sent home. Each test comes home with a cover letter to be signed for verification. Please be sure to send the test back to school. Each marking period extra credit projects are provided for students who like to further their interests or make a bigger connection outside of class. The grade he or she receives is added to the final report card grade.

    News and Information

    To get information on the scheduled dates and upcoming events, check the monthly 3NJ What’s in the News or district website.


    Dog ball toy using tape


    Did your child receive a tape ball or stamp in his / her Friday Folder? GREAT! Tell him / her to come see me. I love rewarding students for outstanding behavior and acts of respect, maturity and kindness!





    Specials schedules change each marking period. At the beginning of each marking period, a new specials schedule will be sent home and posted.


    Healthy snacks and water are encouraged every day of the cycle! In respect to allergies, please avoid any foods containing nuts.



    Nate Jones


    901 – 2400  x2441


    Thanks for stopping!

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