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  • 4th Grade Math Topics


    Unit 1: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction with Greater Numbers

    Essential Vocabulary:

    place value drawing, digit, standard form, word form, expanded form

    greater than >, less than <, groups, sum, digit, difference, subtrahend

    addend, inverse operation, group, ungroup, opposite, reverse, undoing, break-apart drawing, unknown addend, expression, equation

    Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers

    Essential Vocabulary:

    array, area, area model, square unit, factor, product, horizontal (row), vertical (column), Place Value Sections Method, Expanded Notation Method, Commutative Property, Associative Property, Lattice Method

    estimate, rounding, Distributive Property, Partial products, Algebraic Notation Method, Shortcut Method, overestimate, underestimate

    Unit 3: Division with Whole Numbers

    Essential Vocabulary:

    divisor, quotient, dividend, remainder, Situation equation, Solution equation

    Unit 4: Equations and Word Problems

    Essential Vocabulary:

    expression, equation, simplify an expression, term, evaluate an expression, algebra (algebraic notation), Variable, Identity Property, Order of operation, sum, difference,  factor pair, inequality, inverse operation, situation equation, solution equation, break-apart drawing, compare, comparison bars (“times as much” or “times as many”) Pictograph, bar graph, x-axis & y-axis, Prime number, composite number, Multiple, Factor pair, whole number, Venn Diagram, Pattern, term, function, sequence

    Unit 5: Measurement

    Essential Vocabulary:

    Metric System, meter, gram, liter, mass, milli, centi, deci, kilo, liquid volume,

    line plot, elapsed time, second, minute, hour, AM, PM, analog, digital)

    inch, foot, yard, mile, pound, ounce, ton, cup, fluid ounce, quart, pint

    gallon, perimeter, length, width, formula, area, (square unit)

    Unit 6: Fraction Concepts and Operations

    Essential Vocabulary:

    unit fraction, fraction, numerator, denominator, fraction partner, fraction chain, like/common denominator, mixed number

    Unit 7: Fractions and Decimals 

    Essential Vocabulary:

    equivalent fractions, simplify a fraction(reduce); add, common denominator, (Least Common Denominator /LCD, Least Common Multiple /LCM), decimal, decimal number, decimal point, placeholder, decimal notation), tenths, hundredths

    Unit 8: Geometry

    Essential Vocabulary:

    point, line, line segment, endpoint, angle, ray, vertex of a polygon, vertex of an angle, right, acute, obtuse, straight angles, degree, right angle, straight angle, protractor, circle, reflex angle, triangle, right, obtuse, acute, equilateral, isosceles, & scalene triangles, congruent, adjacent sides, compose, decompose (complementary, supplementary, vertical angles), parallel, perpendicular(intersecting, oblique), quadrilateral, adjacent, opposite sides, trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square, diagonal of a quadrilateral, vertex of a polygon, congruent, polygon, regular polygon, (decagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, pentagon, nonagon), line symmetry, line of symmetry, mirror image, reflection