• 4th Grade Science Units:


    • Electricity and Magnetism-Mrs. Spinelli
    • Environments-Mrs. Tafoya
    • Physical and Changing Earth pt 1-Mrs Hatch
    • Physical and Changing Earth pt 2-Mr. Kepner
    • Solar Systems-Mrs. Gottdiner




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  • Science rotation:


    1st Science Module = Mrs. Tafoya/Ecology 

    2nd Science Module = Mrs. Gottdiner/Sun Moon and Stars

    3rd Science Module = Mrs. Hatch/Geology 

    4th Science Module = Mrs. Witmer/Electricity and Magnetism 

    5th Science Module = Mr. Kepner/Life Cycles


    4th Grade Team of Teachers:

    Mrs. Hatch –

    Mrs. Tafoya – 

    Mr. Kepner –

    Mrs. Witmer – 

    Mrs. Gottdiner –