Study guide and Quizlet are attached.
    Ecology--4th grade Science 
    This content will be taught Marking Periods 2 and 3 only.
    We will be having fun with Ecology!  Our class is learning about all areas of this science genre such as: food chains and food webs, biomes, composting, living and non-living organisms, producers, decomposers, consumers, and of course protecting our world. Our approach will be hands-on as much as possible, so be prepared to have some fun! 
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!
    Thank you!
    Google Classroom can be accessed from home:
    Go to; log in and look for the Science assignment.
    PW: student123

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    1st Science Module = Mrs. Tafoya/Ecology 

    2nd Science Module = Mrs. Gottdiner/Sun Moon and Stars

    3rd Science Module = Mrs. Hatch/Geology 

    4th Science Module = Mrs. Witmer/Electricity and Magnetism 

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    Mrs. Gottdiner –