Student Assistance Program

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    In Pennsylvania, every middle, high school and some elementary schools have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). The Camp Hill School District has a SAP team for the middle school and high school. The Team is made up of teachers, counselors, administrators, a nurse, and community liaisons from drug/alcohol and mental health service agencies. These members have been through an extensive training program to become part of the team. Students are referred to SAP for a variety of reasons to include: withdrawing from friends and family; change of friends; talking of suicide, unexplained physical injury, depression, aggressive behavior, lying, sudden drop in grades, refusal to come to school or experimenting with drugs/alcohol. Additionally some students require services as a result of the recent death of a loved one, a divorce, relationship problems, family relocation or any other traumatic event.


    If your child is experiencing difficulty at school or home, the Student Assistance Program is an excellent resource. Do not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about asking for help. When help is needed, often knowing where to find it can be overwhelming.

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    I Am the Solution - Join the movement to end substance abuse. Every adult has a role to play in supporting young peoples' development: Parents. Teachers. Neighbors. YOU.  For more information, visit the website




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