Classroom News


    Welcome to 3rd Grade! It will be a great year! 


    Marking Period 1:



      Day 1- Art

     Day 2- Music

     Day 3- Guidance

     Day 4- PE

     Day 5- Library




    *** We have a child with severe allergies to all peanuts/tree nuts, sesame, eggs, and shellfish. Please be mindful when you send in a snack for your child.  We will be diligent about wiping desks and washing hands, but the best plan is to avoid sending in snacks with these ingredients.  It is truly life threatening. I have a sign posted outside of the classroom with these items listed. If you have questions, just send me an email. 
    We have snack every morning around 9:00. I am asking that each child bring his/her own snack. They can keep them in their lockers or lunch box.  Some parents may want to send in a snack for the whole week, and we have room in lockers to do that.   




    Upcoming Events:

    • Holiday Party: December 20

    • Valentine’s Day: Party February 13

    • End of the Year: Picnic TBA

      ****Please remember that you must have clearances on file to be able to attend any

      of the parties. See the district website for details on how to obtain clearances if needed.