Substitute Teaching

  • Hoover Elementary School is looking for a day to day building substitute*.  If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to:
    Mrs. Eileen Czarnecki, Hoover Elementary School Principal, at 717-901-2550 or
    *This position is contracted through Substitute Teacher Service (STS).



    Camp Hill School District has contracted our substitute management and recruiting responsibilities to Substitute Teacher Service (STS).  

    In order to work as a substitute teacher or substitute aide for the Camp Hill School District you will need to become an employee of STS. 

    Please visit the STS website, or call STS at 717-391-7827or 1-800-884-7827 to schedule an interview at one of their personnel offices.

    If you are already employed as a substitute with STS, contact the STS Office and ask to add Camp Hill to your district list.