'Honor Our Elders' project 2011-2012

  • Welcome to the Honor Our Elders Project website!  This 2011-12 oral history and song-writing project was a great experience for students and adults alike.  We hope to repeat the project in the 2014-15 school year.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to or download song files.


    • all Eisenhower Elementary Students
    • Elders from our students' families or community
    • classroom, art & music teachers
    • Two of a Kind *guest artists from Philadelphia*-- check them out at http://www.twoofakind.com.
    • INTERVIEWS:  All students conduct an interview of an "Elder"-- grandparent, neighbor, etc. as homework.

      • Each child writes a story based on his or her interview.
      • In art class, each student creates an illustrated frame.

      • Each class writes a song based on a group interview with one Elder.
      • Two of a Kind songwriting residency & work in music class

    • CONCERT & RECEPTION:  Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 7:00 p.m.  Sutliff Family Auditorium, Camp Hill High School
      • Eisenhower students perform original songs and honor all Elders.

      • student interviews November, 2011
      • songwriting residencies in January & February
      • culminating concert: April 10, 2012, 7 p.m.
    HOW:  This program has been funded by the Lion Foundation, through partnerships with the Cultural Enrichment Fund, the capital region's arts fund; and the Elementary PTO.

     Cultural Enrichment FundCamp Hill Elementary PTO

    Honor Our Elders Radio Interview:  You can hear an interview with music teacher Roxanne Dixon, Superintendent Dave Reeder, & Lion Foundation President Chip McInnes on the radio.

    "Insight" with Sylvia Maus (Clear Channel Broadcasting)
    Air Date: Sunday, Feb. 12th 

     Listen to the podcast at: http://www.1460theticket.com/main.html

    Click the link at left to hear songs, see photos and read comments from the 2009-10 Honor Our Elders program.

    Periodic Updates through the process...

    Update 4/3/12:  We're ready!  Tuesday, April 10, 7:00 p.m. in the Sutliff Family Auditorium at Camp Hill High School.  We are all so excited for this project's culminating concert, featuring 13 songs composed by Eisenhower classes.  Students will perform with guest artists Two of a Kind.  Song themes range from WWII to the Great Depression to catching crayfish in Willow Park.  Please join us for this special event!

    Update 3/1/12:  Hurray for our Eisenhower Composers!  Most classes have, as of the past 3 days, FINISHED their awesome Honor Our Elders songs!  The songs have great variety and energy, and the students have a strong sense of ownership.  You can get a glimpse into a couple of songs and the songwriting process with Two of a Kind by viewing the short video clips at the bottom of this page.  Now we start to really learn to sing them!

    Update 2/2/12:
      We have just concluded a great 3 day residency with Two of a Kind!  The students moved, signed and sang along with an energetic kick-off concert Monday morning.  Each class then made a LOT of progress on their original songs as David and Jenny worked with them in the music room.  They even shared that Camp Hill School District is mentioned in the liner notes of their new CD, "Sing Me Your Story", which includes our commissioned song, "Tell Me Your Story".  Look for more information at www.twoofakind.com.  They will return at the end of the month to help put the finishing touches on the students' compositions.

    Update 1/16/12:  What a great week Eisenhower students experienced last week as each class sat down with an Elder.  Great stories from great individuals.  We look forward to beginning our songwriting, joined by our guest artists at the end of the month.  Thank you to everyone who came to school!

    Update 1/9/12:  Thank you to every individual who has graciously been interviewed by our Eisenhower students!  Each grade 3-5 student has interviewed someone-- a grandparent, neighbor, friend, community member...  It has been amazing to talk with them and look at their notes.  Stories of childhood pranks, outhouses, war, radio serials...  This month students work on writing their interview notes into stories.  In music class, each group is interviewing one individual together, gathering material for our songwriting phase.

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