My Resources

  • Helpful Hints:

    -check your child's agenda for daily homework, long term assignments, and tests.

    -all daily homework, long term assignments, tests, and quizzes are posted on the homework board in the classroom.

    -homework club takes place right after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:45.  I am at homework club on Thursdays to help students with any homework, projects, or to help study and prepares for tests and quizzes.



    Study skills

    Since 8th grade is the typical year that we begin the transition process(the process where students start to think about their future such as classes they would like to take in high school and possible career ideas), here is a few transition resources:

    pennsylvania secondary transition guide flyer.pdf 

    These links are also on the special education page on the school website.


    8th Grade website references:

    There are quite a few websites that 8th graders use. Here is a list of the websites with the username and passwords.

    Studyisland: username- (ex: WN022777- the numbers are their student id #) password: student created

    Wordly Wise: (ex: whitneynester) Password: (ex. studentid/2022_ _ _)

    Google: (ex.  password: student created

    eSchoolData Login: username: (student id#/2022 _ _ _)  password: see guidence to reset