Grade 6 Syllabus

  • Grade 6 Math
    Mr. Jason Jack
    (717) 901-2450 ext. 2477  

    Topics of Instruction:

    Operations and Properties- exponents, order of operations, properties

    Intro to Algebra- variables, expressions, equations

    Decimals- all operations, solving equations

    Number Theory- prime factorization, GCF, LCM

    Fraction Operations- all operations, solving equations

    Data Collection and Analysis- mean, median, mode & range, line plots, frequency tables

    Proportional Relationships- ratios and rates, ordered pairs, percents

    Measurement and Geometry- metric System, area perimeter, and volume

    Integers- absolute value, comparing and ordering, coordinate plane

    Functions- graphing functions, slope, rate of change
    Probability- writing and determining outcomes and finding probabilities of outcomes


    I know that each of you come into my math class with different experiences, knowledge, and attitudes towards math. I will do my best to meet each of these individual needs.  In return, I expect each of you will do your best to achieve a level of success that will make you, your parents and me proud.  I have high expectations of you, and I hope that you will reach and exceed these expectations throughout the year.

    Supply List

    Pencils, pencils, and more pencils (have some at home ready to go!)
    Loose leaf paper
    Erasers (mistakes are what helps us learn)
    Positive attitude

    Letter Grade – Percent Equivalents:

    Unsupported image type.A = 90  – 100%  
    B = 80  – 89%                      
    C = 70  – 79%
    D = 60  – 69%
    F =    0  - 59%


    Grading Policy

    I use a point system for my grading procedures:

    Tests (about 100 points each):  Tests are given at the end of each unit and will be based upon the quizzes and homework that led up to them.  Tests comprise about 60% of the total grade.

    Quizzes (about 50 points each): Quizzes are given about once a week and are often based on 1-3 topics from the chapter.  Quizzes will comprise about 25% of the total grade.

    Homework/Classwork (2 points each):  It will be assigned each night and checked for completion at the beginning of class the next day.  If homework is not completed by 10pm on the day it is assigned, it will be considered late, resulting in a zero for that assignment. It cannot be made up late.  Homework will comprise about 15% of the total grade.

    ** Homework assignments at the beginning of class the next day. If not completed it    
         will be a zero.
    ** If you are absent on the day a graded assignment is due, you will be expected to
        hand in the assignment (WITHOUT A REMINDER), the very next day you return to
    ** If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, you will be expected to schedule a time
         to make it up, outside of class time, within one week of your return to school.
    ** There are no retakes for quizzes, tests.  However, I do allow for assessment     
         corrections. If students redo any incorrect problems. They are to turn them in
         WITHIN THREE DAYS of when they get the original quiz/test back. I will give ½ credit
         for each problem completed correctly, and add those point to the original grade. The
         highest “new” score you can attain is an 80%.

    Five Tips for Success:

    1. Set goals for yourself. It is important that you know where you’re going before you try to get there. So, get together with your folks and set some goals for marking period 1. Make sure your goals are measurable and reasonable.
    2. Do your homework! It’s really that simple. By doing your homework nightly, you are preparing to do well on the quizzes and tests.
    3. Stay organized!  Use your 3 ring binder to keep all your math notes and homework.  If you are organized, it will be easy for you to look back to your notes if you have any questions while you are doing homework or studying.
    4. Show your work…and then check it!  Without the work, it looks like you just guessed at the answer.  If you hand in a paper with answers and no work, you will receive NO CREDIT!
    5. Ask questions in class or come in for extra help. It seems logical if you don't know how to do something that you should ask a question, but it's amazing how many people don't! Too scared or embarrassed to ask in class? Just ask me before or after class, or even after school.