Scholarship Opportunities

  • Students who wish to apply for scholarships to help defray the cost of college have numerous options.  Students can search for scholarships on websites, through a parent's employer, banks and credit unions, and civic clubs and organizations.  There are scholarships available based on merit, need, intended major, community service, and a host of additional criteria.
    Students have access to approximately 60 local scholarships through the High School Counseling Center.  These scholarships focus on students who live in south central Pennsylvania or a several-county area.  Several scholarships are also earmarked solely for students at Camp Hill High School.To see the complete list, description, amount of scholarship, qualifying factors, and instructions on how to apply, students should log into their Naviance account at and go to the Colleges tab.  
    The student's high school counselor can provide the student with specific details on how to submit the scholarship application and supporting materials.
    Broader searches for scholarships and general information on financial aid can be found at: