SAT/ACT Prep & Academic Tutoring



    Please note:  The Camp Hill District does not endorse specific programs or tutors.  Students and parents are advised to research all test preparation programs and tutors carefully before registering.

    SAT and ACT Test Dates  

    SAT (Dates with a "*" are offered at CHHS)                                           ACT (ACT not offered at CHHS)

       Register at:  College Board                                                                                  Register at:  ACT

    Test Date                    Registration Deadline                         Test Date                      Registration Deadline

    August 24, 2024*         August 9, 2024                                     September 14, 2024             August 9, 2024

    October 5, 2024*         September 20, 2024                              October 26, 2024            September 20, 2024

    November 2, 2024*      October 18, 2024                                  December 14, 2024         November 22, 2024

    December 7, 2024*      November 22, 2024                              February 8, 2025                January 3, 2025

    March 8, 2025*             February 21, 2025                                 April 5, 2025                    February 28, 2025   

    May 3, 2025*               April 18, 2025                                           June 14, 2025                      May 9, 2025

    June 7, 2025                May 22, 2025                                          July 12, 2025                      June 6, 2025



    Revolution Prep is offering a 10% off tutoring summer discount for academic & test prep acceleration over the summer!

    Revolution Prep's tutoring can help prepare for more rigorous classwork or admissions tests. Tutors focus on establishing relationships with students and families while breaking down learning barriers and supporting students to reach their personal best.

    The 10% off tutoring discount can be used on tutoring programs that will help close academic learning gaps, adjust to the pressure and course rigor of a higher grade, prep for high-stakes tests in the fall, work on college essay writing, get organized and work on time management, and more!

    To learn more about the ways Revolution Prep can support you and your student(s) this summer, click the link:

    the flyer

    Study Point 

    Offers free virtual practice tests for the SAT and ACT. Anyone who participates will receive a free score analysis that breaks down how they did by section, question type, and content area, which helps to give a sense of where additional review could be necessary prior to taking the actual test. Multiple practice tests are run each week . To view available dates and register for a practice test, go to  



    • Kaplan ACT Classroom Anywhere: Interactive live online classroom where students join from a computer with Internet access, see live instruction and chat one-to-one with teachers for personalized support. Schedule of start and end dates at or call 800-527-8378 

      ACT Academy - Free, personalized online learning tool and test practices featuring video lessons, interactive questions, full-length practice tests, educational games, and other materials targeted to students’ academic needs.

    Khan Academy: offers free SAT prep. Go to Open the "LEARN" menu at the top left of the screen and choose "Test prep" and then click on "SAT," or link PSAT scores from College Board account with personalized Khan Academy test prep.

    ePrep: ePrep provides online SAT, ACT, PSAT, and PLAN test preparation courses delivered by experts through  on-demand video lessons. Go to

    The Princeton Review - The Key to Admissions Success: SAT & ACT Self-Paced courses offered together for $99. Students receive world-class instruction featuring the exclusive Recommendation Engine which analyzes performance on drills and practice tests to create a personalized prep plan for maximum score improvement. For more information, go to

    Method Test Prep: offers self-paced lessons of 5-15 min. each, immediate feedback of answers and full-length practice exams. Register at:



    The Cumberland County Library System and

    This resource gives library cardholders access to live, online tutoring as well as thousands of academic and career resources. It is for K-12 and college students who need help with homework, studying, projects, essay writing and test prep in every subject, including algebra, statistics, chemistry, physics, social studies and English. All sessions are online with professional academic tutors. Students may also submit a specific academic question or a paper to be reviewed in lieu of a live session.

    Savage Study Skills, LLC- private academic tutoring by Kathy Savage.  Go to Savage Study Skills

    Huntington Learning Center- works one-on-one using SAT and ACT programs that are customized for each student.  The Center offers no exam prep classes, and personal tutoring.  Go to for more information.

    Stride Tutoring- tutoring for 7th-12th grades Go to Stride Tutoring for more information.

    Educational Breakthroughs- individual and group SAT/ACT prep with the Test Masters Program. Call 795-9929 or go to

    Mathnasium- customized in-person and live, face-to-face online math tutoring to help students learn math through lessons and tutorials. Mathnasium