FCS Courses

  • Middle School Courses


    6th Grade FCS - This is a required course that focuses on the areas of personal hygiene and grooming, self-esteem, babysitting, and conflict resolution.  Through this course students will gain a better understanding of themselves and how to deal with personal conflicts.  This course meets 2 times a week for a semester. 


    7th Grade FCS -  This required course focuses on 2 major areas of study and laboratory experiences.  In the clothing construction unit the use and operation of the sewing machine is emphasized with individual projects being completed by each student.  The second unit of study is foods and nutrition where an introduction of food preparation will be followed by hands-on experiences in the food lab.  This course meets everyday for one marking period.


    High School Courses


    Want a taste of Family and Consumer Sciences?  Then sign up for Teen Living!

    Teen Living -  This is an exploratory course which highlights some of the senior high elective options of the Family and Consumer Sciences department;  goals, values, decisions, community and volunteering, clothing, and food and nutrition.  Grade 9.  This class meets 2 times per week. 


    Are you interested in Fashion and Design?  Then check out this class!

    Fashion and Design -  This course is divided into two sections consisting of fashion and interior design.  The first part of the course introduces students to concepts related to fabrics, color, line and design, fashion history, personal wardrobe planning, clothing care, and buying clothing.  During this time students will also construct individual clothing projects.  The second part of the course students will create functional and pleasing living environments based on sound financial decisions and design principles.  Topics will include: housing needs through the life cycle, architectural and furniture styles, principles and elements of design, swatch boards, floor plans, and furniture arrangement.  This course is recommended for students interested in a career in fashion design, textiles, or interior design.


    Do you love to cook?  Are you looking to improve your cooking skills?  Interested in a Culinary Arts career? 

    Foods 1 -  This course is designed to provide students with basic food and nutrition knowledge.  Emphasis is placed on safety and sanitation, the Dietary Guidelines, nutrients, and the new Food Guide Pyramid. This nutritional information will be taught through class activities and discussions, journals, posters, skits, presentations, and food laboratory experiences. Students will learn various food preparation skills, equipment use, recipe reading, and how to be a wise consumer. Grades 10-12.  One year course meeting 3 times a week.

    Foods 2 -  Prerequisite: Foods 1 with a 70% average recommended.  This is an elective sequential course in advanced food preparation. Students will study foods by classifications and may include topics such as appetizers, pies, cakes, meat, poultry, foreign cookery, yeast breads, fruits and vegetables. This course also participates in two yearly competitions which include a cake decorating contest and a chili cook-off. Class activities may include small projects and food laboratory experience.  Grades 11-12.  One year course meeting 3 times a week.


    Do you want a career in childcare and development?  Check out this new class offering. 

    Human Development - This course studies human growth and development from conception through the adolescent years. Emphasis will be placed on parenting responsibilities that promote and enhance a child’s growth and development. Students will understand the interrelationship of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. Each unit will contain a culminating project.  Grades 10-12.  One year course meeting 3 times a week.

     Need help surviving after high school?  Then check out Adult Roles!!!

    Adult Roles - In this elective course students will explore the complexities and responsibilities associated with being an adult. Personal finances, interpersonal skills needed to live both independently and with a roommate, the responsibilities of parenthood, are just some of the issues that will be explored in this year long class.  Grades 11-12.