Poetry Out Loud

  • Poetry Out Loud site:  http://www.poetryoutloud.org 

    What Must Students Do?

    •    Choose three poems from the Poetry Out Loud website (OF YOUR THREE selected poems:  one--must be 25 lines or fewer; one--must be pre-20th Century) to memorize and to recite in our high school competition.    To access poems online, go to:


    •    Recitations may NOT include props, costumes, or music; YET, some gestures and minimal movement may, however, be appropriate to a given poem AND definitely attention must be given to conveying mood and emotion through tone and voice.  **Watch provided videos on the website for more direction with these elements.**

    2015-2016 IMPORTANT DATES:

    Week of January 11th--CHHS competition with CH participants (winner moves onto the regional competition)