• Welcome to the web page of the Community Advisory Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

    This group was formed in fall 2022 to provide a forum for community stakeholders interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy to share insights, to collaborate, and to generate recommendations to the Community Engagement Committee of the CHSD School Board.

    Our mission is to secure a welcoming and respectful environment for students and families; deepen understanding among students, staff, and parents about our community’s diversity; learn about the needs and challenges of students and families wherever they may lie; and advise on strategies, initiatives, and events that promote the health, welfare and success of students.

    We welcome you to help us achieve our mission by advising us on issues important to our students, participating in our events, and proposing ideas for the group.

    Contact us at cac4dei@camphillsd.k12.pa.us


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