Lion . . . PRIDE!

Hoover Elementary PBIS Roar Store

  • Thank you for the donations you've sent in for our Roar Store!  Our students show Lion PRIDE every day in so many ways!  Your children have enjoyed shopping for incentives with the paw prints they have earned when they have shown Lion PRIDE.

    Prize donations are still needed. There are three ways you can help.  Use the links above.

    April 5, 2023 update:  Our goal for March was 15,000 Lion PRIDE stamps.  We earned 19,540!  We enjoyed cardio desk drumming in our classrooms for our whole school reward. If you would like to donate pool noodles, we can sell those in our Roar Store.  Check the videos in the links above to see how we used pool noodles for cardio desk drumming! (All links are "safe" links with no ads.)

    1.  Purchasing from / Hoover Elementary Roar Store List

    • Choose an item from the list and add it to your Amazon cart.
    • Pay as you usually do.
    • Select “Suzanne C. Carter’s Gift Registry Address”. Items will automatically ship to Suzanne C. Carter at Hoover Elementary.
    • If you find a similar item in a store or on another site for a better price, feel free to purchase the item there and send to the Hoover office.
    • If you find an item on Amazon you think should be offered at the school store, you may purchase it and send it to the Hoover office.
    • Please make sure items you choose are grades Kindergarten, one, and two appropriate.

    2.  Purchasing from SignUp Genius List

    • Select an item you would like to purchase.  
    • Send your donation to the office.

    3.   Donating new or gently used items.  Here are some ideas:

    • Stuffed animals
    • Assorted Lego blocks
    • Crayons -- even if they look REALLY used!  Especially if they are peeled . . .
    • Assorted small items
      • left over party favors
      • small toys
      • interesting things
      • Even if you only have a few of an item, we can still use these things for the Roar Store!
    • Small packs of gum (5 sticks of gum per pack)

    Thank you for your help! Your children LOVE the Hoover Elementary Roar Store, and they are PROUD to show their Lion PRIDE!

    Questions? Contact Suzanne Carter at or 717-901-2550, extension 1004.