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  • Hello!

    I am excited to have the opportunity to work with students in grades 9-12 whose last names begin with A-K!

    As a school counselor, it is my role (and privilege) to help empower students throughout their high school years toward academic, career, and personal / social success. It is my responsibility to act as a leader, advocate, collaborator, and agent of systemic change for my students and their families. I encourage students and parents / guardians to contact me at any time throughout the year to discuss any needs or concerns.

    I can be reached at or by calling 717-901-2500 extension 3971.

    In the first semester of the school year, I meet individually with each senior to finalize post-secondary plans including completion of college and employment applications. In the second semester, I meet individually with each junior to discuss post-secondary plans and create a plan of action for our meeting together the following fall semester.

    I will be in the classrooms with the other counselors throughout the year to discuss Naviance and assist students with their accounts. Naviance is a career and college readiness platform designed to help students with post-secondary planning and opportunities.

    Throughout the year, I monitor academic progress for all students and meet with them individually based on their academic needs and progression.  

    I am also a Student Assistance Program (SAP) team member. For more information on SAP, please click the following link:

    I look forward to working with all of you!


    Mrs. Ivey

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