• In the spring of 2018, I had the privilege of attending an Education Congress and listening to a powerful presentation by Jamie Vollmer, entitled Schools Cannot Do This Alone: Student Success in an Age of Rising Expectations. Jamie Vollmer J.D., is president of Vollmer, Inc., author, lecturer, writer and producer of the video series The Great Conversation. His book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone, tells the provocative story of a businessman’s journey through the land of public education, and his transformation from critic to award-winning advocate of America’s Public Schools.

    One of the most powerful messages Mr. Vollmer delivered during his presentation was, “This, right now, is Public Education’s most hopeful time.” As I reflected on his message and his Pre-Requisites of progress, all of which start with the word Community: Community Understanding, Community Trust, Community Permission, Community Support, I was very much reminded of our Camp Hill Community. I was reminded that our long-standing District Vision Statement has Community Strength in the center and at its core. I was reminded that in a time when public education has become the target of criticism by so many individuals and groups, that The Camp Hill School District has and will always be the cornerstone of our community. I was reminded that despite the fiscal challenges we face, we are so incredibly fortunate that our academic, athletic, arts and drama programs take center stage and continue to prove their value to our children, our families and the entire community. I was reminded that our community members, regardless of whether or not they currently have children attending our schools, continually provide us with feedback that expresses support, joy, and appreciation for how our schools are beacons for bringing the entire community together. I was reminded of the fact that we have a sense of belonging in the Camp Hill School District that is not only something special, it is second to none.

    Public schools are places where children from all socio-economic backgrounds are able to learn, work and play together every day as they grow up and matriculate through the system. Public schools provide our children in Camp Hill and across the nation a unique opportunity to see and experience the value of diversity. Public schools strengthen our communities. Camp Hill is a true testament to that fact. The challenge for all of us moving forward is to accept the charge to support and promote what is good about public education. We must share, widely and often, what our schools are able to provide for so many children and communities across the commonwealth and the nation. I welcome all of you to join me in this incredibly important effort.

    Regardless of your role within this tremendous District community, we need your support to continue Camp Hill’s vision of Educational Excellence, Community Strength and Student Success. I encourage all parents and community members to leverage the many opportunities our schools provide to become actively engaged in the outstanding programs, events and activities that occur daily across all grade levels. As Superintendent, I am committed to establishing strong collaborative relationships and a shared belief that every day is a great day to have Lion PRIDE. Thank you for partnering with us to empower our students to achieve their full potential!

    Patricia Craig
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